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The HSElife NL LAB is an initiative of the The WAT group with the aim to develop new solutions for the future of the Oil and Gas Industry. In line with HSElife NL, central themes include safety, health, wellbeing and the environment. The LAB consists of a number of visionaries from the The WAT Group, the Oil and Gas Industry and renowned universities and knowledge institutes, who will employ their knowledge, creativity and life experience. Their power is to think outside of the box.

Join the Lab

The subjects taken on by the LAB can originate from own initiatives or from a direct question from the industry. We cordially invite you to send in a request for this to the LAB. The The WAT Group will organize seminars to closely involve the Operators and the Contractors with the LAB and open up possibilities for discussions.  Furthermore, we shall report on current subjects dealt with in the LAB and the results of the developed concepts in HSElife Magazine.

Co-op Vision.

The first result out of the HSElife NL LAB is the development of the system Co-op Vision: a Remote Cooperation Interface based on the 360˚ remote view. Co-op Vision allows the onshore employees to oversee a complete production platform from any given location, and request relevant information and technical specifications. Furthermore, Co-op Vision serves as a communication system between the Operators and the Contractors, Maintenance, Engineering and Planning. They can discuss planned work activities or everyday problems and control and plan these from a long distance. For more information see on HSElife Magazine No 7.

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