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Limitless is our Mantra…

Our way of working has no limits. The power of the The WAT Group is its ability to communicate on a one to one level with large groups of people within a broad playing field – both on national and international level. The way of working of the The WAT Group guarantees short turnaround times, realistic project costs and tangible success.

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A thorough analysis strengthens the entire communication trajectory and its impact. Together we assess the wishes of and the on-going processes within the organization. We eliminate difficulties and make complex subjects understandable and controllable.


Our consultancy services do not only mean the proposition of concepts that seamlessly connect with the structure of the organization: they are ground-breaking ideas with a broad impact. These may also be new solutions for existing situations.


In the production phase we employ our experienced specialists to ensure a skilful realisation of the discussed concepts. They work in close cooperation with the client and usually from within the organisation.


Together we provide an optimal implementation of the communication trajectories to ensure the highest possible quality with a long-lasting effect.


In close consultation we evaluate the impact of the communication trajectory and we ensure the continuation within the process. Repetition is the strength of your message.

Training programmes

The The WAT Group has started a successful collaboration with a renowned training agency. As a part of on-going communication trajectories we develop both interactive and classical training programmes. The starting-point is that the training becomes a part of the trajectory, to ensure that the message is effective.